Is Automation The Key To Business Transformation?


Is Automation The Key To Business Transformation?

Digital transformation has been a buzzword infiltrating business models over the past few years. However, it is more than just a trendy catchphrase. In short, digital transformation is the development of a business taking on the latest technology to save money, increase delivery speeds, improve value for employees or boost client retention. There are many topics that support the umbrella term and concept of ‘digital transformation’, and ‘business automation’ is one of them.

What is automation?

When many of us consider automation, we envisage large warehouses of robotic arms constructing car engines or aircraft parts. However, things have moved on and manufacturing plants are just part of a richer tapestry.

Common workplace processes are now being replaced by automated technology. Automation is becoming the everyday norm for many businesses and can be implemented to improve recruitment or employee retention, project management, marketing or outcome delivery. Below we highlight simple ways of introducing automation into the workplace to begin transforming a business.

1)   Office shredder

With stringent GDPR laws applying to businesses which record and store personal data, document management is an area which many companies are investing in heavily. Avoiding fines and staying on the right side of legislation is paramount, particularly for business integrity, and there are tools that can make this activity easier. 

Since the GDPR laws were introduced in 2018, there has been a 23% surge in shredder sales across the UK, Germany and France¹. With shredders featuring different levels of paper security and sheet capacity, there is now a shredder to suit every organisation. Some of the most popular machines on the market is the range of Rexel AutoFeed automatic paper shredders.

Shredders support GDPR compliance and what makes this range of Rexel shredders so important for businesses is that they are completely automatic – users need only load up the machine and shut the lid. The shredding process is completely automatic, eliminating the need for mundane manual input from employees. Other key benefits of Rexel AutoFeed shredders include:

  • The capacity to shred up to 750 sheets of paper at a time (machine dependent)
  • Some machines are only accessible via a 4-dig PIN code for added security
  • Save time spent shredding by 98% vs manual shredders³

Buying a paper shredder

Purchasing a shredder can feel daunting due to the countless models on offer. From page load capacity to P-security ratings and paper cut type, there is a lot to consider when buying a paper shredder. To help you make the best decision when it comes to buying a shredder for your business or organisation take a read of the Rexel Paper Shredder Buying Guide. The questions below will also help the decision-making process:

  • How much do you need to shred and how often?
  • What level of security does your business need from a shredder?
  • What features does your shredder need?

2)   Laser printers

For businesses that print documents regularly the ideal solution is a laser printer. Whilst laser printers are more expensive, the ease and quality of printing is superior to that of an inkjet printer. Furthermore, as technology has advanced, the price point between the two has somewhat blurred and individuals and smaller workplaces are now investing in laser printers.

Other laser printer benefits include:

  • Quiet printing that doesn’t impact employees
  • Quick page turn out for maximum productivity
  • Laser toners can be more cost effective compared to inkjet cartridges
  • Crisp, high-quality prints
  • Large format laser printers available

3)   Laminators

Laminating is a quick and easy way of protecting documents. This means employees don’t need to spend time producing and printing documents when they become damaged. Furthermore, laminating can increase the quality and longevity of the safeguarded document. Typical documents that are laminated include reports, posters, meeting documents, signs and instructions. The GBC fusion range for example provides an office with a versatile laminating option, utilizing technology to provide an consistent laminating product.

Automatic laminators

A popular choice for busy workplaces is an automatic laminator. Compared to traditional lamination machines, automated laminators allow for increased productivity as they require little employee input.

GBC’s new Foton 30 is the world’s first fully automated office laminator. The Foton 30 can allow users to laminate up to 30 sheets of A4 or A3 paper at a time by simply loading the documents and selecting start. Bulk lamination is critical for industries that utilize laminators frequently as it reduces the amount of dead time employees spend manual working a traditional lamination machine. This means workers can touch the start button and get on with another task.

A poorly functioning workplace will not yield results and employees may become disgruntled. Workers that are happy and have the tools to perform their roles to the best of their ability are often far more productive, meaning businesses flourish. If you want your office to perform efficiently, try and invest in some of the tools mentioned in this blog.


  1. GFK 2018 H1 EU3 *Shredding supports GDPR compliance