Rexel Auto Feed Paper Shredders

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Rexel Auto Feed Paper Shredders

Rexel Auto Feed paper shredders make it easy for individuals to comply with paper security policies – because instead of having to stand next to a shredder feeding documents in, office workers can stack their documents in the shredder, shut the lid, and walk away.

Auto Feed helps to improve employee compliance by removing one of the main frustrations of a traditional shredder – the need to spend time manually feeding documents in.

This is not only more productive for employees but it is also cost-effective for the employer.1

Auto Feed suits existing work routines

An Auto Feed shredder helps people shred the way they want to shred. ACCO Brands research shows that while 47% of people “shred as they go” – shredding a document immediately whenever the need arises – as many as 53% either have an area where they keep documents that need to be shredded, or have a routine about filing documents and tend to shred in batches.2
Shredding Supports GDPR Compliance

Given the key role of paper in our lives, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that paper still accounts for a significant proportion of data breaches. Not only have paper security risks not gone away, but the digital age could even make the consequences of poor paper security more serious.  Even though we likely print less, what we do print is likely to be important to use and therefore far more likely to contain personal, sensitive or confidential data.

Auto Feed shredders Support your Security Environment

Some customers work in an environment that demands high security – such as the public sector, the medical sector, or a business function such as legal, financial, HR or R&D – so need highly secure shredding. Other customers simply need to secure confidentiality in a general-security environment.

Many companies use an external shredding service to handle their shredding. This means that shredding is done off-site, by someone outside of their own business.

With Auto Feed, unshredded documents never leave the premises – so customers get the extra peace of mind that comes with having extra control over shredding. This benefit may even help a customer fulfil the requirements of a paper security policy and Rexel Auto+ shredders support a customer’s own security environment.  The Rexel Auto Feed paper shredder range offers micro cut P5, cross cut P4 and cross cut P3 document destruction options.

1Source: Intertek independent testing, June 2012. Compares the time it takes for the Auto+ 500X to shred 500 sheets, against a traditional-feed shredder at a similar price level.

2Source: Evaluating Auto Feed Shredders. Prepared for ACCO Brands by Deep Blue Insight.