Twinlock™ Complete Accounts Book

Suitable for most small to medium businesses, the Twinlock™ Complete Accounts Book features easy to use layouts that help you record, summarise and balance those key numbers in three simple steps. It includes standard forms to check bank transactions and record VAT, while refill forms are available separately.
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An accounting book that uses 'English' rather than 'accounting jargon'.

Broken down into 3 easy steps - Records/Summarise/Balances.

The layout and fillings are user friendly and colour co-ordinated.

Standard forms are also included to: a) check bank transactions for the month against bank statements, b) keep a record of al VAT to easily transfer to the official VAT returns.

Includes a set of refills: Bank Refill (11291), Cash Refill (11292), Summary/Bank Balance/VAT Refill (11293)

These refills are also sold separately.


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