Optimum AutoFeed+ Automatic Paper Shredders

The need to shred, shouldn't need you

  • Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ 300X Automatic Cross Cut Paper Shredder

    Automatically shred up to 300x A4 sheets of paper at a time, into P-4 cross cut pieces. Pin lock for added security.

  • Rexel Optimum AutoFeed+ 150X Automatic Cross Cut Paper Shredder

    Automatically shred up to 150x A4 sheets of paper at a time, into P-4 cross cut pieces. Ideal for smaller offices.

  • 98% time saving compared to traditional shredding

    AutoFeed (automatic shredding) is simple and boosts productivity. Simply load a stack of paper, shut the lid and walk away to continue with other tasks whilst the shredder does its job.¹ 

  • Large Bin Capacity

    Less frequent bin emptying due to the generous bin capacity up to 140L (1200x A4 sheets).

Automatic Shredders Time to do more

Optimum AutoFeed+ provides a full range of automatic paper shredders that will boost workplace productivity, whilst securely shredding sensitive documents.

Save 98% of your time shredding

AutoFeed technology ensures that bulk shredding is simple and efficient by saving 98% of time compared to traditional shredding machines.¹

  • Large Bin Capacities up to 140L (1200x A4 sheets)

    • Less bin emptying
    • Micro cut machines hold more shreds due to finer paper particles
  • Shred Up To 750 Sheets

    Shred from 45 sheets up to 750 sheets in one go, ideal for all bulk shredding needs.

  • High Security Shredding

    Shredder security is measured from P1 (low security) to P7 (extremely high security). The higher the P-Rating, the smaller the pieces of shredded paper.

  • Up To 140L Bin Capacity

    Generous bin capacities up to 140L (1200x sheets of paper) for less frequent emptying.

  • Secure Pin Lock

    On larger models you can PIN lock the machine whilst it shreds; for added security and peace of mind.

Shred up to 750 sheets in one go

The new Optimum AutoFeed+ range is ideal for bulk shredding at home or in the office. With Optimum you can automatically shred from 45 to 750 sheets in a single paper load!

Load your paper stack, shut the lid an you're done!

Automatic shredders to suit every workplace

The Optimum AutoFeed+ range offers smaller machines for your home office or small office needs, up to large shredders for frequent bulk shredding requirements in large workplaces.

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¹ Evaluating Auto Feed Shredders - prepared for ACCO Brands by Deep Blue Insight.