New to Remote Working? Here Are 5 Tips to Avoid Procrastination


New to Remote Working? Here Are 5 Tips to Avoid Procrastination

So you’ve set up your home office, decluttered your workspace, and entered the right frame of mind to start working. 

And still, you find it hard to get started. 

It’s understandable. Working in a home office can be challenging, even for veteran remote workers. This is why we’ve compiled this list of tips and tricks to help you get the ball rolling.

Make Sure You Start on The Right Foot

Getting in the zone can be a lot easier if you have a morning commute. Not so easy when you’re working from home, but you can still recreate the feeling with a few simple tricks:

  • Get dressed for the job: working in your pyjamas or sportswear can trick your brain into being too relaxed. You don’t have to wear a suit, but getting showered and dressed is a good start.

  • Go for a quick walk around the house: get out of the office, reopen the door, and pretend you just arrived at your workplace for a new day!

  • Tidy up the day before: your workspace represents your head space; if it’s untidy from the previous day’s work, it could be harder to get started. 

Clear Your Head Before You Begin

If your mind wants to wander, it could actually be useful. Let it happen for a minute or two, but make sure you jot down ideas, tasks and goals somewhere. A whiteboard is a great place to jot down thoughts, so that you won’t have to get back to them automatically every two minutes. 

Similarly, you could focus on clearing your head through tried and tested mediation techniques - or for the tech-savvy out there, using a dedicated app.

Setup Your Devices to Work Mode Only

Not everyone can afford to have a separate work phone and computer, but you can still do a lot to make it feel like you’re using work equipment. For instance:

  • Set up a new user account on your PC

  • Change the wallpaper

  • Remove all personal software (unless you work at Netflix, there’s no reason to have it one click away from your documents)

  • Turn off the WiFi: if you can work offline, you’ll be sparing from the biggest distraction of all, which is the Internet.

Recreate A True Office Environment

Transforming your surroundings can have a positive effect on productivity, especially if you were previously used to a professional setting. 

This is where updating your home office equipment can go a long way. Consider upgrading your waste bin, filing cabinets and general desktop accessories. Maybe consider a new desk. How about a quality paper shredder to finally empty your drawer cabinets of unnecessary paperwork? 

It’s also worth noting that paper shredders can help you remain compliant with data protection rules, especially the GDPR. At Rexel, we offer a range of small paper shredders designed to discard documents securely and legally, while helping you create a comfortable, productive home office.

And for the most dedicated out there, you could even listen to background noises of busy places like coffee shops and offices, which are said to help with focus and productivity.

Try Different Working Hours

One of the greatest advantages of remote work is that you can choose your own hours. So if it’s possible with your job, try to experiment with different working times. Maybe right after your morning coffee is best. Maybe you’re too jittery and need a little break before you begin. 

For others, it will be about working in short, productive bursts rather than long sessions. The ‘Pomodoro Technique’, for instance, helps you do just that, by breaking down work into intervals of 25 minutes followed by short breaks.

Finally, for the workaholics out there, make sure you keep an eye on the clock and give yourself a well-earned rest every now and then. Working too hard on a task is the opposite of procrastination, but it could be wasted energy that would help you achieve your goals more efficiently the next day!