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What is SmarTech?

It allows our shredders to send notifications to users about the status of their Auto Feed shredding job.  They can receive confirmation the shredding job has been completed or status messages (such as bin full or paper jam).  This improves performance and productivity in the workplace, allowing users to spend less time at the shredder and not have to walk back to check on it’s status.

How does SmarTech work?

It communicates from the shredder over the internet to a user’s smart phone or tablet to provide notification on their shredding job.

Is it easy to use?

Yes - this app is designed to be easy to use and for you to  get notifications whereever you are, after a few simple setup steps the first time a shredder is used.

Does it involve any complicated set up?

No.  SmarTech works directly out of the box with Bluetooth -- no setup required.  Connecting to the internet over your wireless network takes a few extra steps.  Depending on your network security, an IT Administrator may need to perform these steps (see later questions).

How can I tell that it is a SmarTech shredder?

There will be a SmarTech label attached to the shredder.  If you approach the shredder with a mobile device running the SmarTech app, the app will connect to the shredder automatically.

How many admins & users can you have on one shredder?

There is no limit to how many users can use a shredder.
There is no limit to how many administrators a shredder can have.
There is no limit to how many shredders a user can link in their app.
There is no limit to how many users can register for notifications.

Can you have multiple shredders in same room?

If you have multiple shredders in the same room we recommend placing no closer than 8m apart.  This will prevent accidentally connecting to a different shredder.

How long does it take to update the status?

Network traffic and signal strength can cause timing to vary, but notifications will arrive within a few seconds of the shredder completing its task.

What if I change the name of a shredder?

You can change the name of the shredder in the settings (up to 14 characters).  Other users will not see the new name on the shredder until the next time they connect via Bluetooth.  Please be aware that notifications will use this name, so users should be able to identify their shredder based on the name you choose.

What products will this app work with?

Auto+ SmarTech 300X, 600X, & 750X models.

My organization strictly prohibits any wireless devices, but I still would like to use this shredder. Is there any way to disable the wireless function?

To have the best user experience, we recommend asking for special consideration for the shredder as a business machine.  The shredder adheres to strict requirements for both security and privacy.  However, we understand that some organizations have restrictive policies for good reason, so we do include a way to disable the wireless function.
With the shredder on and the AutoPwr button lit, press and hold the FWD button.
While holding FWD, also press and hold the REV button.
The motor will start and the paper feed jam icon will appear.
Continue holding both buttons for 6-10 seconds.
Release both buttons.
The REV button will light up for 3 seconds to confirm that wireless is disabled.

How to I add the shredder to my network

Open the app and turn the shredder on to cause them to connect automatically.  In the app, open the settings for the shredder and select Wireless Connection.  In the list of networks that appear, choose which network the shredder should join and enter the password when prompted.

How do I set my app up on the network?

The app uses the mobile device's internet connection.  This could be a wireless network or a cellular data plan.  There is no requirement to be on the same network as the shredder.  There is no additional setup required for the app.

What devices is it compatible with?

The app requires an iOS or Android device with support for Bluetooth LE.
This includes:
     iPhone 5 and newer.
     iPad (3rd Generation) and newer.
     iPad Mini.
     iPad Pro.
     Any Android phone or tablet with resolution 1920 x 1024 dpi and Android version 5, 6, or 7.

What is the Bluetooth range?

Using Bluetooth, the shredder only scans within a few meters to prevent connecting to distant users on accident.  Once connected, the communication can be maintained for up to 30 meters (although this may be reduced by obstructions such as walls, appliances, and other wireless products).  The connection will be dropped once the app is closed to free the shredder for other users, although internet connections will continue to provide status and notifications.

Why do I have to have Bluetooth and wireless?

You have to have Bluetooth to connect to the shredder initially, to determine which user should be notified of which activities.
You have to have an internet connection to receive the notifications, to alleviate any distance concerns.
Please note that the shredder does not require either connection to shred documents.  It will continue to perform as a Stack-and-Shred shredder with no wireless connection at all.  Wireless connections are only needed to provide users with notifications remotely.

Our company does not wish to have any wireless devices on its network. Can we still use a Stack-and-Shred shredder?

Absolutely!  The Auto Feed shredder will still perform as an excellent shredder for your documents with no wireless connection at all.  Simply skip the setup steps to connect the shredder to a network and the shredder will continue to function offline.  If your company would like to take additional steps to shut down the shredder's wireless capability permanently, this can be done quickly and easily.  Because this operation is permanent, please contact customer services for instructions to walk through this process.

Do I have to use Bluetooth?

Yes.  Bluetooth is used to identify which mobile device should receive notifications.  It is also used during setup to determine which shredder to configure.

How often do I need to update the firmware?

Firmware updates should be done very rarely, and only when necessary.  No regular firmware updates are planned; this feature is only to support future changes to the wireless technology used by mobile devices.  This is not to be confused with app updates, which may be regularly updated when prompted by your mobile device.

What should I do if I see the following icons lit on the status or notifications on:
          –Cooling Nothing - the app is telling you that the shredder is cooling down.  After heavy use, the shredder will take additional time to protect itself and keep the motor in good condition.  During this time, the shredder is just paused; it will resume shredding, and your documents will remain locked if you set a lock code.  You will still receive a job complete notification after a brief delay.
          –Bin Full/ Door open In order for the shredder to be able to start shredding again action needs to be taken.  Someone needs to go to the shredder and either empty the bin or close the door.
          –Low oil This is telling you that the shredder will soon need oil.  The shredder will continue to function without oil, but may decrease the life of the machine.  Please ensure that you have oil to add to the shredder.  If you need additional oil, you can use the supply order page in the app to order some directly.
          –Jam In order for the shredder to be able to start shredding again action needs to be taken.  Someone needs to go to the shredder and remove the paper jam.
Why do notifications look different on another device?

Notifications are controlled by your mobile device, not by the app.  There are some differences between devices, especially between iOS and Android systems.  Where possible, you can customise your notification experience through the settings of your mobile device.

We added our shredder to our guest network, but the password changes frequently.

The shredder requires internet access to provide SmarTech features.  While reconfiguring the network frequently may work, it is frustrating.  We recommend considering a separate network connection for business machines.  Many organizations already have these types of networks and can include the shredder without modifying any network or changing any security settings.

My shredder no longer appears in my app. What happened?

Shredders are automatically removed from the app if they have not been used in 90 days.  Just walk up to the shredder with the app open and it will reconnect automatically.

What happens if power or the internet connection is lost?

The shredder will resume shredding once power is restored.
An internet connection is needed to send notifications, although the shredder will work without it.
Once the internet connection is restored, the shredder will reconnect automatically -- you do not need to reset anything.

How can I remove a shredder from my list?

Shredders are automatically removed from the app if they have not been used in 90 days.  If you would like to clear the list immediately, you can delete and reinstall the app to return all settings to default.

My app connects to my shredder but I never receive any notifications. Why not?

The SmarTech app needs your permission to send you notifications.  If you did not allow this when the app was installed, you will need to go to the settings for your mobile device and allow notifications.  You will also need to be connected to the internet for notifications to reach your device.

Why do I keep getting notifications when I'm not using the shredder?

Users that have registered as the administrator for a shredder will receive a copy of any unsuccessful notification.  If you would like to stop these notifications, connect your app to the shredder over Bluetooth, open the settings menu, and deselect Administrator.  You will not receive any further updates from this shredder unless you register again or connect your app before shredding.

Why did I not get a notification?

There are a few reasons why a notification may not be sent:
1) Users are not notified for low oil or cool down times, and Administrators are not notified of successful shredding.
2) Users will only be notified if they have registered for that shredding job.  That means that the app must be open prior to or during shredding, with the message displayed that the app has been registered for notifications.
3) The shredder must be able to reach the internet to send notifications.
4) The app must be connected to the internet to receive notifications.

My mobile device is taking a long time to connect, or not connecting at all.

Different mobile devices handle Bluetooth communication in slightly different ways.  Some will retain a connection even after it appears to be disconnected, which prevents other devices from connecting.  Each mobile device will generally correct this automatically within a few minutes.  However, if needed, cycling power to the shredder with the rear power switch and forcibly closing and restarting the app will force the Bluetooth connection to restart.

Why is the shredder asking for a PIN number for Bluetooth? How do I find my PIN?

As a convenience for users, some mobile devices will automatically attempt to pair a Bluetooth device whenever they see one.  Unfortunately, that can cause confusion when devices are not meant to pair.  No pairing is required or supported by the shredder.  If you do see this prompt, please ensure that Bluetooth is enabled before opening the app, then cancel any request for a PIN number.  Once you return to the app, it will connect automatically.

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