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Why Shred?

  • Whether at work or home you should shred anything that contains a signature, account number, address, medical or legal information or information which relates to the running of your business.

3 reasons to shred your papers & documents

  • 1. Protect your business and your customers from identity theft and fraud
  • 2. Avoid fines and legal action due to non compliance with data protection legislation
  • 3. Avoid reputation damage and bad PR as a result of a confidential data breach

What to shred?

Company information

  • Sales figures
  • Pricing information
  • Customer or Patient information
  • Personnel or employee records
  • Accounts payable/receivable information
  • View large office shredder range

Personal documents

  • Anything containing your name and address
  • Cancelled and voided cheques
  • Utility bills
  • ATM receipts and bank statements
  • Documents containing passwords or PIN numbers
  • View personal shredder range

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