Momentum Extra Paper Shredders

Extra power to shred even more

Extra large bins - Extra run time - Extra sheet capacity


The Momentum Extra range of jam-free paper shredders are ideal for any office environment due to their extra large bins, longer run times and increased sheet capacity.

They feature innovative jam-free active sensing technology, which measures the number of sheets being fed in real-time to stop paper jams and misfeeds.

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High security

P4 and P5 high security level for shredding confidential and sensitive documents.



Efficient shredding due to innovative jam-free technology which stops paper jams.


Sheet capacity

Shred up to 26x A4 sheets of paper in one go.


  • These high security P4 cross-cut and P5 micro-cut machines support paper data destruction policies in the workplace.

  • Jam-free active sensing technology measures the number of sheets being fed in real-time to stop misfeeds paper jams.

  • The quiet motor helps to reduce noise and distractions in the workplace.

  • Run times

    Most machines have a continuous run time, meaning you can shred anytime without needing to wait for the machine to cool down.

  • Sheet capacity

    Shred from 12 to 26 x A4 sheets of paper in one go, making Momentum Extra the ideal choice for offices of all sizes.

  • Bin capacity

    Less frequent bin emptying due to generous bin capacities from 30L to 120L. The machines also feature an infra-red bin full sensor.

Run times

Boost office productvity - due to the continuous run time you can keep shredding!


Bin capacity

Large bin capacities up to 120L mean less frequent bin emptying.


Quiet operation

For non-disruptive paper shredding in the workplace.

Momentum Extra Paper Shredders

XP422+ cross cut shredder

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