The thermal Ibico 1491X will record and print at 10 lines per second. With its 14-digit 2 colour LCD display, fast printing speed, quiet operation and calculate - edit - print function, it is the ultimate in professional print calculator design. Printing in black, negative in bold.

  • The Ultimate in Desk-Top Professional Print Calculator Design
  • 14-digit LCD display/2-colour (negatives in red)
  • 1 colour printing (black, negatives in bold)
  • High printing speed: 10 lines per second
  • Very quiet operation
  • Long-life printer – 14 million lines
  • ‘Calculate - Edit - Print’ function up to 99 entries
  • UPC: 013465404207

The 1491X Thermal Print Function will physically record/print at an astonishing 10 lines/second.. ..or more than double the speed of the 1232X… and silently!!

Ibico 1491X Professional Print Calculator White/Blue
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