Manufactured in high-quality steel and with longer legs and sharper points to penetrate up to 25 sheets, Optima No. 19 premium staples guarantee jam-free stapling when used with Rexel Optima Plier staplers. They come in units of 3600 presented in a smart, aluminium tin with a secure lid.

  • Rexel Optima Staples offer a jam free guarantee when used with Optima Staplers
  • Presented in a smart, professional and secure tin these staples are designed to deliver
  • UPC: 5028252069328

If you find that your stapling machine regularly jams or malfunctions, then you’re probably using the wrong type of staples and possibly trying to staple too many sheets at one time.

This is where the Optima No.19 Premium staples come into play, a sturdy 48/6 staple with slightly longer legs and sharper points that can penetrate thicker documents of up to 25 sheets in one go; an important tool in ensuring the orderly and efficient management of your files.

Manufactured in high-quality steel to precise standards, Optima No.19 Premium Staples have been developed for accurate, tidy and jam-free stapling. In fact, jam-free stapling is guaranteed when used with Rexel Optima Plier staplers. Using the right sort of staples for your specific machine is vital to ensure an easy, frustration-free experience when organising your documents and keeping your stapler in perfect condition.

Optima No.19 Premium Staples come in units of 3600 and are presented in a smart, aluminium tin with secure lid to ensure loose staples don’t end up scattered around your desk drawer. In fact the embossed tin is so stylish that it will sit neatly on your desk top and you won’t want to hide it away at all.

Optima 19 Staples (3600)
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