The Difference Between Strip Cut, Cross Cut & Micro Cut Shredders


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What type of shredder do I need? Do I need to have cross cut or will the standard ribbon cut do? And how is Micro cut better than Cross cut? These are all common questions when it comes to finding the best shredders to dispose of your documents.

For all the answers, read our descriptions of the various shredder types below:


Strip Cut Shredders (Security Level 1 to 2)

Also known as ribbon or spaghetti cut shredders, a Strip Cut Shredder uses rotating knives to cut narrow strips as long as the original sheet of paper. This is the simplest, cheapest form of shredding.


Cross Cut Shredders (Security Level 3)

Also known as confetti, diamond or particle cut shredders, a Cross Cut Shredder uses two contra-rotating shafts to cut rectangular, parallelogram, or diamond shaped shreds of paper for a higher level of security. While strips of paper from Strip Cut Shredders can be reassembled by a determined individual, shreds of paper which have been cross cut are far more difficult to assemble and make up less waste volume.


Micro Cut & Super Micro Cut Shredders (Security Level 4 to 5)

Functioning in a similar way to Cross Cut Shredders, a Micro Cut Shredder creates extremely small square or circular pieces for very high security. The latest shredders provide protection from information theft by cutting paper into pieces significantly smaller than the length of a staple. So the smaller the cut, the higher the security.

You can find the security level logos on all Rexel shredders.

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