Why “My Fantasy Stapler”?

by Rexel 7 Jun 2011

Consumer insight doesn’t just apply to new product development. At Rexel we try to use insight in everything we do. So what lies behind the recent launch of the competition “My Fantasy Stapler”?
Our research has revealed some fascinating facts; most office workers regard their stapler as just that – theirs! There is an attachment to the product that can become very protective. During the recent recession many staplers were taken home by staff made redundant because they believed them to be personal property. The fascination with the stapler doesn’t end there though. Many people customise the product; we have a dedicated Leicester City supporter in the office and his stapler proclaims his allegiance.

My Fantasy Stapler is a celebration of the special bond between the user and the product. The competition invites users of stapling equipment to indulge the bond and use their imagination to create a customised stapler that is way beyond the norm. Introducing the social media Facebook and Twitter provides a voting platform leading to the award of the prizes; Samsung Galaxy Tab. Why not test your imagination and get your friends to vote you a Rexel “My Fantasy Stapler” winner?

Rexel has a full range of stapling and punch equipment and has just launched a new range of easy on the hand, low force staplers.

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Champions League Punch!

by Rexel 27 May 2011

To celebrate the success of Manchester United and FC Barcelona reaching the UEFA Champions League Final Rexel has designed a commemorative punch, incorporating the colours of both teams. As part of the My Fantasy Stapler competition our friends, followers and consumers are invited to submit their own designs for a chance to win one of two Galaxy Tabs being given to the top entrants each month. Designs can be on any theme but the Champions League final prompted us to wonder whether football supporters could beat our internal team’s design.

To add further spice to the Champions League build up we are running a poll on our Facebook page in both the United Kingdom and Spain to see who the our friends, followers and consumers believe will win the big game. Of course the real decider will be the match itself to be played at Wembley Stadium in London. With 90,000 fans in the stadium and an estimated television audience of 300 million, the occasion is billed as the richest game in football history.

So whether you are a Manchester United or FC Barcelona fan or an interested supporter of the game join our Facebook poll and pit your skill against Europe’s best to win a Galaxy Tab in Rexel’s My Fantasy Stapler competition.


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